Everything, everywhere, all overnight – and apparently on the fly.

November 2022

Signs abound that under-siege China is losing its battle against Covid
But holidays are over in no time and then it's business as usual, as we all know
Tweak it good ... Move forward, look ahead ... (apologies to Devo)
But not to China, in a sign that the cruise industry is probably more on the ball than the average China watcher
What Xi Jinping's mantra really means: shut up about the economy and just put up with the lockdowns
The markets have surged on rumors that Xi's right-hand intellect has convened a group to steer China's coronavirus policy

October 2022

It's time to admit, we don't know the origin of SARS-CoV-2; both of the two leading and contending theories are plausible
A victorious Xi leads the standing committee on a field trip to the geographical heart of the 'core'
Given the party secretary's record so far, the latest small band of "yes men" signal a "no" to investors
China's newly appointed dream team is a 'sect of Xicophants;' the general secretary's only real enemies now are abroad.
China is frequently touted as a global leader in renewables; the numbers suggest otherwise